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watch tv online
watch tv online
watch tv online

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North America

United States (421 Channels)
Mexico (332 Channels)
Canada (248 Channels)
Guatemala (156 Channels)
Cuba (113 Channels)
Dominican Republic (89 Channels)
Haiti (75 Channels)
Honduras (66 Channels)
El Salvador (52 Channels)
Nicaragua (48 Channels)
Costa Rica (32 Channels)
Puerto Rico (28 Channels)
Panama (23 Channels)
Jamaica (21 Channels)
Bahamas (18 Channels)
Barbados (16 Channels)
Virgin Islands (13 Channels)
Bermuda (5 Channels)
Greenland (3 Channels)


South America

Brazil (157 Channels)
Colombia (139 Channels)
Argentina (128 Channels)
Peru (98 Channels)
Venezuela (86 Channels)
Chile (73 Channels)
Ecuador (64 Channels)
Bolivia (59 Channels)
Paraguay (46 Channels)
Uruguay (45 Channels)
Guyana (39 Channels)
Suriname (25 Channels)
Falkland Islands (16 Channels)



Russia (527 Channels)
Germany (511 Channels)
Turkey (479 Channels)
United Kingdom (436 Channels)
France (411 Channels)
Italy (409 Channels)
Ukraine (369 Channels)
Spain (332 Channels)
Poland (311 Channels)
Romania (298 Channels)
Netherlands (284 Channels)
Kazakhstan (119 Channels)
Greece (101 Channels)
Portugal (97 Channels)
Belarus (88 Channels)
Belgium (74 Channels)
Czech Republic (62 Channels)
Hungary (55 Channels)
Sweden (32 Channels)
Austria (11 Channels)



China (235 Channels)
India (210 Channels)
Indonesia (146 Channels)
Pakistan (105 Channels)
Bangladesh (98 Channels)
Japan (75 Channels)
Philippines (63 Channels)
Vietnam (61 Channels)
Turkey (45 Channels)
Thailand (43 Channels)
South Korea (17 Channels)



Nigeria (279 Channels)
Egypt (266 Channels)
Ethiopia (251 Channels)
Tanzania (179 Channels)
Sudan (113 Channels)
Kenya (98 Channels)
Morocco (84 Channels)
Algeria (76 Channels)
Uganda (64 Channels)
Ghana (51 Channels)
Madagascar (37 Channels)
Angola (21 Channels)
Zimbabwe (11 Channels)
Malawi (3 Channels)



Sydney (119 Channels)
Melbourne (108 Channels)
Brisbane (94 Channels)
Perth (81 Channels)
Adelaide (76 Channels)
Gold Coast (55 Channels)
Newcastle (51 Channels)
Canberra (47 Channels)
Wollongong (22 Channels)
Sunshine Coast (13 Channels)
Hobart (11 Channels)
Geelong (7 Channels)
Townsville (5 Channels)
Ballarat (3 Channels)


And so many more
un-listed channels!


watch tv on Internet

watch tv on computer

watch tv online
Our revolutionary software will allow you to watch TV Online
Digital HD channels via optimized streaming technology. You will have full and constant access to all the aforementioned channels from any location on the globe!
Have all this and more, for half the cost of a single month of cable service! In addition, you won’t need any dishes or boxes to activate our service. All you need is our software a computer and an internet connection. Think of what we are offering you.
Full, constant, High-Definition to watch the world’s greatest channels & programming, All you need to do is pay a small, one-time only fee and install the software we provide
and you will be enjoying your favorite shows for decades to come!
watch tv on internet
watch tv online
Hardware Required
Software Installation
Signal Availability
Channels Included
Installation and
Usage Costs
Satellite Dish / Cable Box
Technician Required
Limited, region locked
Around 150 SD Channels
Over $2000 in Fees!
Computer & internet, only.
1-minute, quick, simple set-up
Continuous worldwide Coverage
Over 3000 HD Int. channels
No Monthly fees - Unlimited Access
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No Hardware Required

Over 4500 HD Channels

No Monthly Bills or fees

24/7 Access, Globally

No Bandwidth Limits

New Channels Daily

Don’t delay - Order today! - Stop paying for cable & Sat TV!

Watch TV Online Directly on your PC!

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